Frenetic adventures through the urban wilderness serve as inspiration for Parajumpers' new collection.

An adventure through the urban landscape, told at break-neck speed: this is Urban Legends. Striding down the streets and weaving through the crowds, we’ve chosen four characters that embody the radical possibilities of the Parajumpers journey. Although undertaken alone, an intrinsic connection of outlook, purpose and progress is what enables their adventure.
Confident and ready to grasp hold of any opportunity, the first personification of the campaign is a businesswoman. For her, challenges are gateways to achievement. Her clothes are quietly elegant, effortlessly refined.
Find her in the clean lines and sculptural silhouettes of our Colour Block and Outstanding series, or the luxurious fabrics of our Corduroy and Leather series. Bold but never flashy, she makes herself heard.
Our next archetype dresses to stand out from the crowd. He believes in the beauty of difference, in the value of always knowing yourself.
He wears striking, saturated tones and sophisticated materials: the jewel-coloured gloss of our Sheen collection, the vintage-effect poplin of Reloaded, the recycled nylon of Masterpiece. True to himself and true to his style, he always enjoys the journey.
Courageous, resilient and dedicated to being the best she can be: our third urban adventurer is a cyclist. For her, it’s all about those milliseconds, about the interplay between your body and its limits.
The clothes she wears communicate her constant energy, her determination – sherbet-bright hues in high-tech fabrics. The vivid orange of the Bold Parka, the fuchsia of the Anya, the vermillion of the Panda: these are jackets that are made to be seen.
Finally, our skateboarder. Adventure’s his priority, and each day is a chance to live to the fullest. He’s playful, laidback and never takes himself too seriously. The city’s for having fun – what else is there?
We see this in his choice of garments: lightweight, easy-to-wear, designed for movement. There’s the slouchy elegance of the Fire jacket, the textured casualness of the Benji, the airy mischief of the Barret. To him, life is freedom.
Although the journey is a solitary one, we’re united in our experience of it. Different in myriad ways, these four characters are brought together by their approach to life’s adventures. Always moving forward, always searching for more, they are the epitome of the Parajumpers’ ethos: ‘for your journey’.


Creative: Map Studio

Photography: Ben Toms @ben_toms

Styling: Mitchell Belk @mitchellbelk

Film: Anti-Anti

DOP: Jan Vrhovnik

Hair: Pål Berdahl @palberdahl

Make up: Gemma Smith-Edhouse @gemmasmithedhouse

Production: the Production Factory @theproductionfactory

Casting: Nachum Shonn @nachumshonn


Shalke Gummels @shalke_gummels


Victoria Tokareva @vickytokareva

Lucas amador @lukas.amador