Spring is the season when colour comes to life, invading grey and desaturated landscapes, and filling heart and soul of positivity. It is also the season when nature starts swarming of high-energy movement, getting ready for warmer and sunnier days. Colour is the main focus of this project: Springfulness brings together pastel nuances with bright shades, standing out of the natural coastal environment. Water and sand are intermixed with cotton and taffeta, blending perfectly into one another, and feeling the deep connection with the natural environment through positive and joyful emotions.
Come rain or come shine, Tilda series is made for you to radiate brightness wherever you go. The light nylon taffeta with a coloured lamination is combined with taped seams and zippers for the ultimate waterproof style: this is the Rain series.
Soft cotton fleece and pastel shades: the Basic Fleece series has all the right cards to create a comfortable and perfect outfit for walks by the sea, waiting for a warm spring.
Be your own sunshine, anywhere you are. Sybil is not your classic puffer: extra light taffeta in soft, dusty tones, enhanced by the garment dyeing technique, is whay makes this jacket the perfect crumpled elegance for your spring days.

Let go of negativity and welcome in pure joy. Light, delicate pastel nuances for garments that are both practical and modish, ready for any type of spring weather.

Put an accent on Spring Vibes with the help of our Spring-Summer collection. Fill your days with colour and softness, whether you go for a soft hoodie or for a feminine puffer.
Dusty nuances like sand on a beach; extra light like your mind when thinking about spring. The high density taffeta of the Flare series is as light as its down filling. The garment dyeing technique adds an interesting touch to the design and the water repellent treatment will make even the rainiest of days full of joy.
Break the greyness with the rip-roaring cascades of colour of the Taryn vest from the Flare series.
There are so many good days to look forward to and new incredible moments to cherish. So why not just spring into tomorrow with the Fleece & Puffer series: the soft cotton fleece is combined with light taffeta, and together they create garments that are made for lots of fun.
Are you ready to welcome spring? It's time to only give importance to what makes you feel light and there is nothing lighter than our Winona, a feminine puffer in candy-like tones, from the Super Lightweight series.