A Colour Journey is the exploration of unspoiled nature, reaching the highest peaks of the Dolomites. The woman of A Colour Journey is empowered by the wilderness and the natural environment. The project features the incredible work of the Italian artist, Filippo Minelli, and his series "Silence Shapes". This series documents ephemeral performances in remote places on Earth centered around the use of smoke grenades. Due to the different aspects of natural elements the smoke behaves in unpredictable ways, creating unique shapes and colours in every given moment.
Orange is flamboyant, fun and dynamic, radiating warmth. It uplifts your mood and gives you the confidence you need for the next adventure. Orange is the colour of autumn, of crispy dry leaves. The colour of vitaminic fruit and of cheerfulness. A playful shade that brightens up everything it sets upon and sparks newfound creativity.
Welcoming the alchemy of nature: towering mountains, stunning views, vibrant energy from within. Joyful outbursts of colour, painting every inch of your surroundings, highlighting the smallest details.
Start exploring movement and softness, brightness and delicacy. Alternate between hyperactivity and introspective calmness. Soak in the sun, take all the energy of a burning sun and transform it into potential action.
Visualize your next destination and get ready for it.
Inspire and be inspired. Play with the rainbow and have fun in any moment of your journey.
Delicate shades of romance: the slow withering of a flower, the delicate rays of an early sun, the shiny mother of pearl. Feminine silhouettes, with soft and luxurious textures, for a delicate yet bold woman. Pink is playful colour, made for daydreaming and to break boundaries.
Green is the colour of nature, of renewal and growth. It's the colour of health, of empathy and compassion. It's the perfect balance between where you are and where you want to be. Take on each and every path that sparks your curiousity and imagination.
Brave the new and explore your undiscovered light. A playful soul in the wilderness.
Feeling serene immersed in green fields and thick forests. Embrace the calmness and the feeling of confidence you get when you're connected to the planet, with that sense of regeneration and livelihood you need to get through winter.
Like a luminous star or the golden petals of wildflowers. Yellow is the embodiment of joy and happiness, the most cheerful and spontaneous of all colours. It brings optimism and hope to whoever wears it and it grounds you deeply into the gorgeous shades of nature.
Red is the colour of passion, action, fierceness. It's the colour of the wildest feral animals, the most dangerous yet the most fascinating. Dare to show your true colours and get ready to leap into the unknown.
Whenever you are wearing red, you irradiate a bold energy, making you feel at the same time grounded and close to the wilderness. Be it bright or dark and intense, no matter what shade of red, it will ignite your day, keeping you warm from the inside while you get dressed for the extreme.