The Matterhorn, long one of the most fearsome mountains in the Alps, was formed some 200 million years ago. After the rift of the supercontinent Pangea, the ground was violently forced upward, forming a jagged,
pyramid-shaped peak whose four sides align almost exactly with the cardinal directions.
Aptly named the ‘peak of the meadows’ in German, every year around 3,000 climbers attempt to ascend its imposing faces. And how better to celebrate Parajumper’s exhilarating AW22 collection than to embark on a journey with the intrepid team at Port Magazine to the mountain’s summit, via the iconic Matterhorn gondola.
Keeping the Port team comfortable as they scaled the mountain were the AW22 collection’s classic Masterpiece series and its more daring Powder series.
At 3,000 metres above sea level, the hardiness and innovation underpinning the AW22 garments – such as 100% recycled nylon, featherlight down and high-tech Pertex – were fully appreciated.

Together with robust outerwear, the knits, fleeces and trousers of the collection take cues from modern workwear and military apparel. Crafted in snug polar fleece, durable ripstop and extra-soft cotton jersey, these garments shine in their versatility, equally at ease whether on the mountain or in the city.
Three accessories came in extra handy on the ascent: the extra fine merino Balaclava, the super soft Polar Cap and the versatile Rescue Backpack, whose multiple zip pockets offered ample amounts of space.
With this collection, Parajumpers has captured the adventurous, high-altitude spirit of the Matterhorn. And with its classic design and high-tech materials, AW22 offers a truly sustainable adventure. Clothing perfectly engineered for when you’re buried in the sky.