Parajumpers’ latest visual travelogue episode dedicated to (extra)ordinary people of all kinds follows the footsteps, or rather waves, of Massimo Rossetti himself, the brand's Creative Director, who is also a passionate sailor in his free time.
For Rossetti, life is not something to be tamed. It’s something to be conquered, a chance to forge your own path, to tell stories that lie deep within yourself, and to stand up for what you believe in – and what better place to conquer life than on a sailing boat, a vintage one?
“'Stories' is about boundary-pushing personalities who are inspired and driven by everyday beauty, something we often tend to ignore” explains Rossetti. “We want to give them a voice, to let them tell their very own stories – stories that become the filter through which we define our dreams, goals and possibilities” he adds when referring to the recent video footage of 'Stories by Parajumpers'.
After following brave-hearts of all kinds, which included surfing the waves of the Great North with two Arctic Surfers, riding wild horses through Iceland’s no-man’s-land, braving the extreme cold with Iditarod mushers in Alaska and enjoying an architecture themed journey through New York’s hustle and bustle, Parajumpers decided to set sail and weigh anchor on the coast of Sardinia for a sweet escape on the Mediterranean sea, where Massimo Rossetti himself is braving the waves in style on his Californian vintage sailing boat, “Orsa Grassa” or “Fat Bear” in English!
Inspired by “Corto Maltese”, the main character of Hugo Pratt’s comic book, the “The Ballad of the Salt Sea”, Massimo Rossetti reflects on past, present and future and his love of sailing and the immaculate beauty of the sea, comparing himself to Maltese, who is “a gypsy, a sailor that travelled the world and had extraordinary adventures”. He also shares his deep affection for “Orsa Grassa”, a 1934 vintage boat that he bought in Newport Beach, California, almost 10 years ago when he co-founded Parajumpers with Ermanno Paulon. “Orsa”, as he affectionately calls “her” has accompanied him in all his Mediterranean and oceanic adventures so far. Rossetti is even planning to sail the Atlantic Crossing with her this year – the world’s greatest annual boat trip that occurs every winter, where over 4000 sailors will cross from Europe to the Caribbean on one of the biggest sailing adventures of their lives.
“The journey, for those who are great travellers, has no limits, they always try to stretch them. But there is a limit. Anchorage for me was an extreme point of research. I was born a researcher of things to sell in order to survive, in order to make the life I wanted to live... travelling and observing things I came across with my eyes and point of view, absolutely personal.”
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