The Scottish Highlands are famous all over the world for their beauty and mystery with their stunning scenery and spectacular wilderness. And it is precisely Scotland's rich variety of resources and landscapes that inspire these two passionated designers to create beautiful trunks, where innovative technology works alongside careful design.
“Scotland is really the land of elements, the sea, the wind, the rain...extreme environments, but also beautiful environments. We take a great amount of ideas and inspiration from the landscape surrounding us” explains Marisa Giannasi, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Method Studio, an innovative design company specialized in bespoke trunks and case goods.
De hecho, fabricar baúles es algo más que una pasión para el dúo de diseñadores de Method Studio; se trata de una cuestión familiar. El estudio se fundó en 2009, en la Escocia rural, por el matrimonio de la arquitecta Marisa Giannasi y el ebanista de segunda generación Callum Robinson. Al trabajar de cerca con marcas de lujo prestigiosas y exigentes clientes privados, Method Studio crea desde entonces minuciosamente a mano exclusivos baúles personalizados y muebles; baúles que han demostrado ser tan originales y elegantes como ingeniosos.
So what is the secret to making the perfect trunk? “Original, organic and beautiful materials” smiles Marisa, adding that their choice of high quality materials include locally sourced oak, ash and timber wood, as well as organic leather, crystal and silver. Loyal to the trunk-making legacy, each of Method Studio’s trunks are made with the utmost attention to details, which is a true testament to the designer-duo’s commitment to high levels of artisanal creation.
In addition, Method Studio always takes great care in putting the customer at the center of their creative process, by listening to what their clientele wants and desires. In this sense, each trunk is unique because it is created to contain different types of objects that often have a sentimental value (a fragrance, a personal object, memorabilia).
“Our story is very important to us – we don’t just sell a product, we sell the story of how the product was made, the story of where the tree came from, the story of the man who sold us the tree” concludes Marisa. “You can follow the story all the way back to the beginning, to the origin of the pieces that we make. What we do is very authentic, our pieces have both, a heart and a soul.”
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Long Parka
Hooded cotton reps coat. Two zippered pockets in front with button-up flap. Mesh vents in front and on the back. Zippered back slit at the bottom. Front zipper with button-up storm flap. Slim fit.
Polyester sateen parka. The fabric is double-faced with a contrasting colour on the inside and has a shape memory effect. Hideaway hood and zippered vent at the back. Waist drawstring. The front pockets are ventilated and the jacket also has an inner pocket. Underarm ventilation. Zippered cuffs and elastic neck strap. Two-way front zipper.