"Leaving the city behind and moving back to nature for a journey through new experiences and exciting discoveries, embracing the feeling of wonder and amazement for what the world has to offer. It’s through this high-altitude adventure that Parajumpers’ FW22 young collection finds its true calling through this project and becomes the perfect companion for the younger ones. "
Accompanied by the Pharrell puffer, these little explorers are ready to immerse themselves in the wilderness, looking for uncharted places and new trails to follow.
Reaching new horizons and perspectives, fully living each of these moments. A new adventure with the right outerwear for kids, enjoying the beauty of nature.
And when these autumn days start to get colder, the Juliet puffer jacket is the perfect combination of warmth and lightness.

The critically taped seams and the warm and soft down filling of the Gobi bomber jacket are essential elements to face all of the new winter explorations.

This collection is the perfect balance of functionality and the latest trends, ready to be there, on their journey of discovery of the planet, whenever they need it, helping them become the explorers of tomorrow.
Bright and ecstatic tones of reds, purples and oranges are accompanied by blue, green and beige matt nuances. The timeless designs are enriched by practical details, made to withstand the daily wear and tear of young explorers.
With each new experience they will learn to face new exciting challenges, pushing their limits, moving the mountains within them.
The versatility and comfort of the Kinari jacket will help your kids uncover the wonders of the world, even on the cold summits of the mountains.
The young collection features practical outerwear and sportswear, thought for the well-being and comfort of the little ones, ready to take them through the colder seasons, protecting them from any type of weather.
No matter the temperatures or the destination, every journey your little ones will undertake is lesson in life. And thanks to the Panda puffer, they'll face them with the right style.
The courage to choose their own path that will lead them into the unknown. The desire to explore every corner of the world with an intrepid attitude. All of this is perfectly embodied by the Bambi puffer.