Rugged beauty and delicate resilience lie at the heart

of Parajumpers’ men’s Kaleidoscope capsule for the new fall winter collection

The sound of a thousand wings beating simultaneously. Reflecting the light, their colours shift and dance, suspended under our gaze. A flight, a flock, a flutter, they move as one shimmering image. It’s this spirit of community that inspires the Parajumpers FW23 Kaleidoscope collection.
At the centre of the Kaleidoscope collection lies a vibrant image of urban lepidoptery, encapsulated in the digital prints of the Outback and Outback Fleece series. Gradient tones of red, blue and green are overlaid on a design inspired by the delicate structure of a butterfly’s wing. In the Outback series, this striking pattern is printed on hard-wearing, down-filled ripstop, keeping you warm when the temperature drops.
And for the Outback Fleece, this vision is translated into an ultra-soft, over-dyed cotton fleece. Metropolitan yet natural, individual yet communal, bold yet utterly wearable, the Outback series encapsulates the ethos of the Kaleidoscope collection.
In addition to the gleaming brights of the Outback series, the Kaleidoscope collection features the Polar Puffer range. Their iridescent ripstop shells conceal an extra-down-fill interior, resulting in jackets and gilets that are as light as the butterflies they reference – and unfailingly warm.
The flight of the butterfly inspires the colours of this series; a choreography of earth and atmosphere, cloud and storm, all set against the yellow of the iconic Parajumpers details.
These inspirations are similarly found in the Sheen series, whose glossy twill outers shine coruscant in the light, complete with self-healing and water-repellent coatings.
Acting in unison, the Kaleidoscope collection is the story of synchronous movement, of a group that comes together to fly free.


Photographer: MATTIA GUOLO @mattia_guolo

Videomaker: AURORA PANERO @aurorapanero

Stylist: FRANCESCO CASAROTTO @francerto

Models: @abantborn @thejamante @sadhu_bro

Mua: RICCARDO MORANDIN @ricky_morandin