While waiting for the end of school year, the younger ones are eager to spend the longer and warmer days hanging out with friends with a spontaneous laughter and not a care in the world: spring is made of exciting, new experiences and a lot of good memories.
Looking towards a bright future means having a solid standpoint in the present. The Masterpiece series is made to let your kids cultivate their passions and move forward without a thought.
Relaxing moments are there also to let them get ready for new adventures and to come up with brilliant ideas. The vitality of youth goes hand in hand with the vitamin energy of the Rescue Fleece and the Super Lightweight series.
Taking time to enjoy sunny days; bathe in the warm rays of a spring sun. Bright and comfortable sweatshirts are here to accompany your kids in every moment of the day.

It's the details that make the difference: soft taffeta and light filling, a bold colour palette makes the Super Lightweight series perfect to help the younger ones find their own unique style.

As warm as the rays of a sunset at the beach; as comfortable and at ease as the feeling of spending time with friends: this is what your kids will feel when wearing the Hollywood series.
Light, comfortable and stylish: the Hoody sweatshirt is made of the softest cotton with a pastel colour palette enhanced by the garment dyeing. Combined with the silky and delicate taffeta of the Hollywood series, these two are a perfect match.
Help them nurture their creativity; let them plan their next intrepid venture with the help of their friends. The Warm Up series has the right versalitity to face whatever they find on their way.
There's nothing like the strong bond of friendship, born through fun days and shared moments. The Young collection will be right by their side to feed their urge to make a difference and take over the world. All whilst having fun.