Delicate yet brave, beautiful yet strong, elegant yet resilient. Like a blossom unfolding, it is in these intersections that the Parajumpers FW22 women's collection comes to life.
The flower lies at the centre of the ‘Inflorescence’ collection. It is epitomised by the intricate yet bold floral print of the Reversible series, a design inspired by the abstract beauty of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe’s flower paintings.
With their lightweight fabrics and iconic details, the garments in this collection contain the technical mastery you expect from Parajumpers. But alongside this there is a fearless, contemporary femininity; one that combines vulnerability with power but sacrifices neither.
From tender blossom to deep root, there is a strength that arises through this interplay. Diaphanous, gauzy prints are paired with voluminous padding, pared-back styling is twinned with opulent colours, and sensuousness is partnered with high functionality.

We see this duality throughout the collection: the new Sleeping Bag jacket marries matte and gloss, neutral and vibrant in a single reversible garment, pairing rich, deep orchid pink with cool paloma grey, as well as tisane green with bone white.
And in the Polar Puffer, Parajumpers’ iconic long and short silhouettes are rendered in bright sun orange and dazzling blue, adding vitality to the high-tech Cordura ripstop fabric.
Advanced materials also lie at the centre of New Nature, a new project that features jackets made from a ripstop with a 100 per cent biodegradable yarn, available in soft pastels punctuated by bright citronelle.
At the centre of these contrasts exists the Inflorescence woman. Always looking for adventure, she exists at the meeting point of elegance and endurance, of beauty and technical mastery. Clad in the Parajumpers FW22 collection, she is ready to bloom.