Tone-on-tone palettes and voluminous silhouettes meet

for a collection inspired by the power of tactility

A testament to comfort: layers of texture, monochromatic strokes of colour and diaphanous, feminine silhouettes take centre stage in Parajumpers’ FW23 woman collection. These garments are a synthesis of elegance and tactility, offering a paean to the exhilarating possibilities of materialised depth.
Key to Colour Impasto are the kinaesthetic forms of the Outstanding series. An elegant and striking combination of puffer, trench and gilet, the Dawn jacket prompts a feminine exploration of scale. It’s a thoroughly contemporary vision: one of alternating volumes, lengths and shapes.
This confluence is also on show in the Hollywood series, where the Elver puffer combines an extended length with a sleeveless gilet silhouette. The piece is rendered in black taffeta, as glossy and rich as an oil painting.
This first drop’s fascination with textural collage is immediately apparent in the Corduroy and Aran Knit series, which layer fabrics to create unexpected depths, unforeseen dimensions.
In the Corduroy series, this arises through a synthesis of hard-wearing nylon reps and velvety cotton corduroy to create a garment that contains a rugged delicacy, a practical beauty. The jacket’s down fill and oversized shape offers it a rounded sumptuousness, a sculpted softness, that marks it as a modern classic.
Similarly, in the Aran Knit series, matte taffeta is paired with a wool knit whose cable pattern emphasises the materials’ complex dimensionality.
This emphasis on plush, sculptural depths can also be seen in the Sheen series. Made from nylon-polyester twill, these puffers are lucently beautiful, their high-gloss exteriors shimmering in the light. And with a 100% down proof filling, self-healing capabilities and a water-resistant coating, they’re infinitely functional, too.
The possibilities of tactile interactions central to the Colour Impasto campaign are seen further in the Thick Knit series. Here, heavy gauge knits are made from a virgin merino blend that’s designed to be worn next to the skin.
This luxurious softness is also central to the Cloud series, which features sweatshirts and sweatpants made from a jersey wool blend with a boucle finish. Pictured here in heavenly shades of off-white, these items build upon one another in a stratum of texture.
And in the Urban Fleece series, garments are made from exceptionally soft brushed cotton-blend fleece. Cropped yet oversized, this series offers a playful and contemporary reinterpretation of scale.


Photographer: Federica Simoni @fedesimoni

Videomaker: Cruz Lab @cruzlabchannel

Stylist: Sofia Prandoni @sofia.prandoni

Models: Em Verleun @emverleun

Mua: Lucia Giacomin @luciagiacomin