The breath-taking pictures of natural sceneries are combined with modern and innovative outfits, creating a juxtaposition of opposites that perfectly blend with each other. Parajumpers SS22 collection is deeply rooted and inspired by the resilient power of nature.
Living the present, facing each day with a serene mind, embracing the unrestrained energy that some time in nature can raise in you. Move freely in your space, actively exploring both the natural and urban environment that surrounds you thanks to the versatility and functionality of the Warm Up series.
Lightly dance the day away, feel at ease in your surroundings. Get caught in a whirlwind of bright and energetic colours, and have fun along the way with the Shaded Fleece series. Two different nuances blending into each other, like nature and the urban environment intertwine.
Like wildflowers dancing in the wind, go with the flow and let it take you to extraordinary places. Powdery tones, a silky touch like sand passing through your fingers; a light heart and mind like white feathers.

In the fast-paced world as the one we live in, now is the time to be present in the moment and find true inspiration, through a combination of the vibrant energy of nature and the progressive urban attitude, giving birth to a newfound vitality and positive mindset.

The combination of colours and styles create unique pieces that are able to adapt to any environment, and at the same time putting you in the spotlight. Textures play a game of opposites: on one hand, matte and essential; on the other, strong and outstanding.
Each and every piece is the perfect combination between nature and city; between lightness and strength; between style and functionality. Choose what makes you feel empowered and ready to face the day with a positive attitude.
Embrace pioneering creativity in everyday life. Think only about the incredible moments you will experience and forget about the rest. Explore new, enthralling ideas with the outstanding Evo Quilts series.
Whatever your journey puts in your way, you already have the right confidence and strength to face anything. Nothing can stop you, especially if you have the right tools with you, like the Pararescue series.
Delicate, pastel tones are accompanied by deep, intense earthy hues, colouring the feminine, yet practical, garments of the women's collection. Embrace the contrapposition of the natural environment with the buzz of your urban surroundings with the Next Generation series.
Be ready to venture towards a new future with a clear mind. You are both silence and sound; stillness and movement. You are the creator of your own journey, with all the different shades to your true colours.
Balance and solace in nature, while at the same time fueling vitality and strength surrounded by the buzz and excitement of the urban environment, two sides of one soul, like the Bayside series.