Simone Polga is a passionate creative. The Italian-born, New Yorker at heart, introduces us to New York's unique urban cityscape – with a bite of Big Apple and a sip of Espresso.
After making a name for himself as a multi-disciplinary creative director and an eclectic product designer in Vicenza, Italy, he established himself as an independent creative consultant and tastemaker, before moving to New York in order to conquer the city through his made in Italia design sensitivity.
Simone Polga is now the Creative Director of MAD, Matiz Architecture & Design, an interdisciplinary design group providing exceptional architecture and brand design services.
For the sake of his work, Polga is always ready to explore the unexplored, design-wise, and to immerse himself into the Big City life, which is both demanding and thrilling. “New York City is a really intense city; you need to work hard every day,“ Polga stated. “But New York is an open city, and if you do well, the city is open to help you to live better.“
New York's emblematic go-getter and ‘do-it-yourself’ attitude is at the core of Polga's design work ethic and reflects the city's identity as a creative hub for independent thinkers, strong-willed influencers and raw diamonds – men and women who are brave enough to follow their own instincts by kick-starting their own projects with a jolt of pure excitement. “New York is definitely not a boring city, you can see the same places with different eyes. Design is related to the state of mind,” Polga added. “Design helps everybody to make a better life.”
As a metropolis, New York City is also the epitome of what we call a cultural melting pot, and this cultural blend infused with urban aesthetics is precisely what influences Simone Polga, when he designs and creates creative concepts. In fact, the International Design Award nominee and winner relies on interdisciplinary product design that calls for innovation while making a nod to Italian heritage to ensure impeccable quality and finish – the ‘Made in Italy’ effect.
In this sense, Simone Polga is inspired by both, New York's eclectic and graphic urbanism – think Yoshio Taniguchi's Museum of Modern Art and Philip Johnson's Glass House – as well as by Leonardo Ricci's social and environmental architecture. A rich personal style which is reflected throughout creative concepts which mingle Italian and American design sensibilities, while fusing tech elements and traditional craftsmanship in order to create boundary-pushing designs with a luxurious appeal.
”One of the things that I really love about this city are the huge contrasts. The architectural contrasts, the old and the new, the big spaces and the small's pretty intense and powerful to me,” concluded Simone Polga, who continues his creative journey through graphic, interior, branding, communication and environmental-design.
British Connection
The masterly combination of typical Parajumpers fabrics with the elegance of Harris Tweed has created the Harris.
A classical, british down filled parka perfectly aligned with the sophisticated, refined and elegant brand style.