White Out. Blank canvas. New beginning.
Light layering. Timeless perfection.
New Fall-Winter 2021 collection – Focus on iconic styles with the cold, wintery hues of white. Outstanding staple items for daily use, in new inspiring combinations.
Find a snug place to hide and relax, focus your mind on little details that make you shine, with an enveloping hug to keep you warm.
In a game of contrast, follow the yellow dotted line to keep venturing onwards, bravely. Look for a new creative spark from a blank canvas.
Masterpieces and Lightweights, timeless and iconic jackets from the Fall-Winter collection, made for both wilderness and the metropolis.
The light nuances of Mist White, Paloma, Off-White and Moonstruck enhance product details. The icy landscapes from the incredible sceneries, that only the Dolomites can offer, inspire you to embark on new journeys.
Mesmerizing patterns and icy cold combinations. Warm and grounding hues of brown and beige, blending in the city and in the woods.
Milky shades of wool, soft white down, intricate braids and patterns. Cozy and comfortable functionality, a new way of making knitwear.
The humbling sensation only the grandeur of mountains can instill.
Sparkling icy white, like fresh snow on high peak. Feel warmth and coziness on your skin.
Take the time to discover the unexpectedly beautiful shades of grey. Find art in every detail of nature.
Iridescent grey hues, like those of icy stone slabs. Take only the minimum for the maximum experience.
Face the coldest of days. Every piece of our collection is studied to be the perfect companion For Your Journey.