Port Magazine makes a stop in the primordial and wild landscape of Fuerteventura for its Strong Fortunes editorial, immersing the most innovative pieces of the Parajumpers SS22 collection in the wild dunes and deserted lagoons of the island. Port Magazine is a creative platform that cultivates artistic talents ranging from art to fashion, from lifestyle to culture, enhancing their characteristics of originality and beauty.
The garments in this editorial are transformed in textural sculptures, blending into the wild and natural environment. The ancient history of the land infuses the bodies and is converted into primal energy. The colors of the garments are used as bold strokes of paint into an already strong landscape.
Fuerteventura is one of the oldest of the Canary Islands and it began to rise up out of the Atlantic Ocean around 22 million years ago. On this island, Tindaya Mountain is a place imbued with ancient history, where traces of its original inhabitants can still be found, and carvings of footprints are engraved in the stones.
The men’s and women’s collection are combined together, overlapping, and crossing over one another. The concept of contrasts is central: neutrals vs bright nuances; structured vs soft fabrics; feminine vs masculine.
Soft and pastel yellow, like delicate rays of sun, embrace the lunar rock grey of the taffeta, blending with the red and orange shades of the island's rocks. A soft hug between the Sybil - from the Flare series - and the Nunki, from the Pro Light series.

Dusty, like the sand and the soil; light, like the morning breeze; soft, like a cloud in the sky. This is the Sybil puffer.
Different textures and different fabrics; contrasting colours and shades that remind you of sand, beach and summer. The lightness of the puffers is combined with the hard-wearing cotton of the Ann Lee jumpsuit and the highlighter taffeta of the Tilda parka.
The colour of grass, palms and nature. Nylon canvas with polyurethane coating, garment dyed with water repellent treatment. Free movement with Jupiter, from the Pararescue Series.
The quintessence of delicacy: light taffeta and a silky texture, soft down filling and dusty nuances for the Hollywood series.
Fire red nuance and light polyester poplin. The Fire Spring masterfully captures the primal energy of this wild and natural landscape.
Biodegradable nylon ripstop, a feminine and contemporary lightness for an earthbound piece of the collection. This is Hannah, from the Easywear series.
An otherworldly connection to nature, to wild coasts and deserted lagoons. The desire for comfort and functionality with the Space Fleece series.